• Allison


I once stood in the bracing cold

Blindly awaiting an improbable moment

Backpack on my shoulder like I was ten again

Leather jacket beneath like I was twenty again

Heart in hand and hope in heart

Dearly wanting to be seen

For who I always wished to be

And not who I reluctantly really am

By someone who was mine a little

Yet never mine before at all

Later we would traipse through town

So familiar yet so foreign

Warm cookie and cold cake in one hand

Cheap new gloves and old scarf in the other

Laughing by an old friend disguised as new

Two motivated by so different

Yet in pursuit of much the same

Seagulls and waves calling from a distance

Serendipity from another city keeping us one

In the waning sunlight it would become clear

That this would be the purest joy I would ever know

And until I learn to give without hope for return

And learn to take without hope for more

I would spend a lifetime wanting to want this

I would spend a lifetime wanting to want me