• Allison

Series Finale

Life is not

A series of cheery misadventures

Designed to neatly wrap in 30 minutes

There’s no B plot to your A

No convenient cutaways

You suffer through every painful,


Ugly scene

Vividly, acutely, living every detail

No promises you will not fail

For here we’re all protagonists

Here, we all share equal billing

The world doesn’t revolve around one

All just supporting characters to

Further your storyline

A child is not your prop

You can’t really have a spouse be


Proposing after 2 months

Only works for a select few

Please leave the coffee shop and

Actually turn up for work

Not every cough is a sign of death

Nor every impulsive kiss an unforgivable gaffe

You can’t expect folks

To stay the same through ten seasons

The only sign a year has passed

The length and shade of their hair

And as for closure

What is true closure?

Sometimes a character leaves

And just isn’t mentioned again

Not even a spin-off to explain her away

He won’t return in the series finale

For life is not

A feel-good sitcom

Sometimes you get your happy ending

And sometimes just an end


Closure is earned, not demanded.