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07. Site - Reacquaint Cover


Allison Thung's Reacquaint brings risk to narrative, trekking through difficult terrains of body and of place, both the commonplace and the profound. 

—Sarah Clark, editor of ANMLY and beestung

From wry-wit to delicate introspection, this collection should be on your reading list!

—A.R.Arthur, Author of Half Bred The Poetry Question, Editor in Chief Fahmidan Journal and Publishing & Co. 

Throughout each (section), Thung plays with space and language — and creates meaning in shape and movement, questioning and ultimately redefining body, wellness, beauty, and memory. 

—Alison Lubar, author of Philosophers Know Nothing About Lovequeer feastsweet euphemism, and It Skips a Generation

Released: 13 February 2024, kith books

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